11 Signs You Have Too Much Star Wars Stuff

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is your life filled with countless hours on ebay or at conventions looking for the latest and greatest Star Wars goodies? Perhaps you have TOO MUCH Jedi memorabilia. How do you know? Check out the top 11 signs you have too much STAR WARS stuff.

11. If your house burned down, more stormtroopers would perish than did in the Death Star explosion.

10. Your ability to afford retirement depends on how the market for realistic light sabers is doing.

9. You had to put both kids in the same room because you had to put your Star Wars Lego collection in a room by itself.

8. Your spouse has had to vacate his or her closet space to make room for your Leia slave girl outfits.

7. You're petitioning to have your lot rezoned so you can move your Millennium Falcon collection outside.

6. You're using your refrigerator to store action figures.

5. You had to make a secret sub-basement to hide your Jar-Jar collection out of shame.

4. George Lucas called you when he needed a prop for the Star Wars celebration.

3. You are the highest bidder on eBay for a skin sample from Mark Hamill.

2. Your life-size talking cardboard characters talk to each other.

1. Your friends come over to play life-sized chess with your droid collection.

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