13 Worst Wolverine Costumes

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Friday we are being treated to another X-Men tale, this one explaining the origins to one of the most notorious mutant crime fighters, Wolverine. We are hoping to gain a little insight to this dark and mysterious character. Often misunderstood, he is still a fan favorite. So much so that many have taken the time and effort to recreate his image in themselves. Though not always successful. Here are the 13 worst Wolverine costumes.

13. Hebrew Wolverine - We will admit that we are torn. This easily can be considered one of the GREATEST Wolverine costumes ever, but either way we wouldn't leave it off the list.

12. One Size Doesn't Fit All Wolverine - This is why you don't buy your costume 'off the rack'.

11. Wolverine Father and Son - We are still trying to figure out if you're the coolest dad in the world, or the poster-father of child abuse.

10. Loner Wolverine - Something tells us this costume won't see the light of 'out of your parent's basement'.

9. Hank Williams Wolverine - This is what happens when you use your Marlboro points to assemble your costume.

8. Flight of the Wolverine - You look more like Bumblerine. Did you bring us any honey?
7. 70's Wolverine - So this is what Wolverine would look like if the movies were shot 30 years ago, and Wolverine didn't work out, and he was a busboy.

6. Hair Helmet Wolverine - You're suppose to kill people with your claws, not your hair gel.
5. 40 Year Old Virgin Wolverine - Get off the swingset and let the little kids have a turn.

4. Garden Weasel Wolverine
- When your dad realizes what you've done to his gardening tools, you're never going to be allow to Comic Con.

3. Zombie Wolverine - Everyone knows he can regenerate so you're only going to end up angering the Marvel Gods.
2. Thank God Wolverine is a Country Boy - I don't remember Logan wearing American Eagle jeans. If you're going to dress us, go the other 50% as well.
1. Baby Wolverine - Never shake a baby or force them into your geeky ways.

Thanks to Big Stupid Idiot

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