BBC Developing a 'Dr. Who' Movie

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We might get a Dr. Who movie, and very likely, it would star David Tennant, the actor who really helped resurrect the series on the BBC in the past few years. Tennant recently filmed his final episodes of the series, and Matt Smith will take over the role for the next official season. But it could be that a movie was part of Tennant's thinking all along.

The BBC (via Filmonic) reports that, "Tennant will firstly appear in three [Dr. Who] specials, starting with The Waters of Mars in November. Meanwhile, Doctor Who may be heading for the big screen after a spokeswoman for BBC Films confirmed that “a script is in development”.

Now, that doesn't mean a movie will definitely happen or that Tennant will star. It could be Smith, I suppose. But this series doesn't have a concrete timeline, where stuff that happened when Tom Baker was the Doctor in residence has anything to do with what Tennant encountered. So that means, a movie franchise could live independently of the TV series.

And if you look at it from the Beeb's perspective, if you're going to launch the first Dr. Who movie in over 30 years, you would probably want to use arguably the best guy to play the character rather than an upstart who is really an unknown quantity.

There's no question the prospects are better now for a movie than they have been in a long time, and there's no question that the film is decidely a more interesting proposition with Tennant in the TARDIS.


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