Fox Confirms 'Terminator' Canceled

Monday, May 18, 2009

Terminator 6 On the eve of the theatrical release of the big budget "Terminator: Salvation," Fox confirmed the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" has been, well, terminated.

"It was not an inexpensive show," explained Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly. "We had to make some choices on the night. We looked at ratings track where it had a consistent run. And that trend line was not pointing in the right direction. We make no apologies for that show -- we did a huge launch with that show. We tried. It was time to move on ... Ultimately we bet on 'Dollhouse.'"

"Terminator" topped several fan polls when viewers were asked which show at risk of cancellation they'd most like to save. Though at-risk fellow fan favorites "Chuck" and "Dollhouse" were rescued from the network axe, not so "TSCC."

Fox was less inclined to bring back "Terminator" over "Dollhouse" partly because the first show is produced by Warner Bros and the second by the network's sister studio, 20th TV


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