Star Trek Coming Back To Television?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bryan Fuller, creator of the TV show Pushing Daisies and a former Star Trek writer and producer, is pushing for a new Star Trek TV series. The new Star Trek TV show would be based on "old style" Star Trek, rather than the more recent incarnations and variations: Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation. There hasn't been a Star Trek TV series since Enterprise was cancelled after four seasons in 2005.

In an interview with iF Magazine about Pushing Daisies, Fuller said:

"I told my agent and told the people of J.J. Abrams' team I want to create another Star Trek series and have an idea that I’m kicking around. I would love to return to the spirit of the old series with the colours and attitude. I loved Voyager and Deep Space Nine, but they seem to have lost the ‘60s fun and I would love to take it back to its origin."

Previously, talking to MTV, Fuller talked about his ambition to resurrect Star Trek on TV and why he thought it had grown stale.

"Somehow, it got cold over the years. I love Next Generation, but it’s a little cooler and calmer than the ones from the ‘60s, which were so dynamic and passionate. Deep Space Nine was the best of the modern ones, because it was so emotionally complicated. Enterprise was the most sterile of all of them, when it should have been the most fun. Star Trek has to recreate itself. Otherwise, all the characters start to feel the same. You always have a captain, a doctor, a security officer, and you have the same arguments based on those perspectives. It starts to feel too familiar. So all those paradigms where it takes place on a starship have to be shaken up."

Fuller wrote twenty one Star Trek episodes over four years, two in Deep Space Nine's final season, and the rest for Voyager. He also produced Voyager's last season.

I would love to see a new Star Trek TV show, especially a good one. While I like some of Star Trek: The Next Generation with Patrick Stewart, and the occasional episode of Deep Space Nine, a lot of the recent Star Trek didn't impress me at all.

Perhaps J.J. Abrams can take over the franchise if his upcoming reboot is successful. A Star Trek TV show with the style and impact of Fringe or Lost would be excellent. Although hopefully it would be a lot less confusing than Lost.


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