j.j. Abrams Not Committed to ‘Star Trek’ Sequel

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Following the success of this year’s ‘Star Trek’, it seems like a no-brainer to reunite the same creative team behind the youthful voyage on the Enterprise. Screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are already working on the script for the sequel; J.J. Abrams is still unsure about returning for another round. In an interview with collider.com, Orci and Kurtzman address the box-office success of ‘Star Trek’, the timeline for the finished script for the next ‘Star Trek’ (Christmas), along with the news that Abrams has not committed to a sequel.

Abrams, the creative mind behind successful television series Felicity, Alias and Lost, has had a good amount of experience in the movie industry, and has proven that he can produce a successful movie. If he does not return for the sequel, it might be due to a busy work schedule. If you think there is an absence of gigantic movie monsters, you’re hoping there’s a Cloverfield sequel in the planning stages. Or possbily a new television project. Most likely, Abrams schedule is largely dedicated to work on Mission: Impossible 4 or The Dark Tower. However, if you enjoyed the recent ‘Star Trek’ movie, this might be a cause for concern. Attempting to recreate the same movie-going experience with a new director could prove to be a challenge.

Which contemporary directors could meet the challenge? Maybe Christopher Nolan. Possibly Bryan Singer. Well, it might not matter if J.J. Abrams returns to direct, which is the most likely outcome. A $235 million box-office speaks loudly in the ear of a in-demand director.


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